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What About The Crack In The Bathroom Counter?
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Artificial stone bathroom counter surface cracking need to be repaired in time

The table found break need to be repaired in time, do not drag for a long time. If the water flows down to the cabinet plate or the pad, the long immersion will cause the cabinet body to rot and breed germs or bugs.

Find out the cause of cracking on the counter face of man-made stone cupboard

When the artificial Shitai surface cracks the repair, needs to clarify the reason which causes the crack, avoids the same question to appear again. The common cause of the artificial Shitai surface cracking, there are several cases.

Stress does not cause cracking:

If the table is not reinforced by the installation of pads, if the artificial Shitai surface hardness is not high enough, the time will be in the simple stress part of the formation of cracks. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job to protect the surface of the force area before repair.

The plate problem causes cracking:

Mesa cracking may also be the mat under the table, pad problem caused, such as the plate material is poor, sink water seepage or leakage, the plate encountered this situation will certainly swell, resulting in the table cracking; In addition, there is no pad under the table, or the cushion is uneven and lead to cracks in the case. In this case, the pads and cabinets need to be strengthened first, and then the surface repair work.

Improper openings cause cracking:

Whether it is a trough or a stove hole, its periphery should be curved, open hole, should also be around the hole to add a layer of pad, increase the load of gravity, or easily cause the surface cracking.

Surface Cracking Repair Method:

The normal maintenance method is to choose the same color materials first, according to the size of the crack cut into thin seam, glue in the cracks at the end of the overall grinding. Table cracking repair of workers require a higher technical skills, need to ask experienced master to repair.

For a long time, artificial Shitai surface maintenance Some owners often ignore the artificial Shitai surface maintenance and maintenance, not surprisingly reasonable maintenance to extend the life of artificial Shitai surface is critical.

Avoid high temperature objects directly put

Artificial stone thermal conductivity is poor, high temperature appliances, etc. may cause man-made Shitai surface cracking and so on.

Avoid contact with potent chemicals

The artificial stone has the lasting damage resistance ability, but still need to avoid with the strong chemical contact, for example to paint the agent, the metal cleaning agent, the stove cleaning agent and so on. If you accidentally contact with the above items, immediately flush with a large amount of soap water artificial stone surface.