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Style Classification Of Bathroom Mirrors
- Apr 12, 2017 -

The appearance of a variety of mirrors, square, oval, egg circle, or a single whole, mirror edge grinding, mirror carved, delicate and practical, or as part of the bathroom cabinets, with mirror lights, bath cabinets, to create a unified bathroom space.

From the look, can be roughly divided into three kinds of bath mirror:

The first: Large bath mirror, directly close to the bathroom wide wall, you can get a bust image of the most widely used large bath mirror;

The second: Mirror (makeup mirror), can be placed on the dresser or through the horizontal telescopic bracket fixed on the wall, this kind of mirror is generally relatively small, usually used for the details of make-up;

The Third kind: The embedded bath mirror, is in decorates the house directly requests the carpentry to make the embedded small closet, in the cupboard door adhesion cutting good mirror. Save space, and easy to use: Close the door can be used as a wall bath mirror, open doors can be placed inside the daily drugs, toiletries, cosmetics and other small items.