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Mirror Light Staff Travel Each Year
- Sep 05, 2018 -

At the end of Aug, in order to thank all the management staff for their hard working in the past year, the company specially organized a four day – three night trip in beautiful city “sanya “


Enjoy the sunshine,beach,blue sea,waves ........


Running game, who will be the winner ? 


Tongue Twister ...


Tug-of -war .....go!go !go !go !


Share their trophy


Visiting the becautiful water town - Atlantis , and enjoy the Stimulate water sports .....

  This tour not only help staff relax from job and enjoy so much in the sandy beaches under the blue sky but also let them feeling the warmth from company , all of them said “ it is a nice trip , we will make persistent work to live up with company’s expectations and work better with colleagues to create more achievement “