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Makeup Mirror Purchase Strategy, Where Is Your Magic Mirror?
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Choose Home Makeup Mirror, there are three objects to focus on, respectively, location, light source and magnification.

The location is based on whether the home makeup mirror can be moved, can be divided into a makeup mirror fixed on the wall, and can be moved to the desktop makeup mirror.

The wall fixed makeup mirror, all must see oneself custom makeup way, if you make up the way simple rough, the step is small and draws quickly, and the physical strength likes standing makeup, most of the makeup products also put in the bathroom, then this kind of mirror is more suitable for you. This kind of wall fixed makeup mirror, the purchase time mainly must consider whether the height can adjust, the stretching length is enough, whether the mirror can adjust the angle, moreover because the bathroom light is generally not particularly bright, also must consider the makeup mirror whether own light source and so on.

On the table makeup mirror, the table makeup mirror choice is more! Yan value Needless to say, put on the table, is a mirror is also a part of home decoration, the United States look at the mood every day is also good ah, is not! And the desktop makeup mirror light source will be based on your needs to choose, if your home lighting conditions Generally, the desktop does not have additional light source, then choose a light makeup mirror is very necessary. No matter how good your makeup mirror is at home, there is always a cloudy rainy day, or an afternoon or evening makeup, which requires extra light. As to whether to choose a mirror with light source, it depends on if there is extra light on your makeup table, if not, the light source is a factor to be considered. Another aspect that needs to be considered is the size of the makeup mirror, generally speaking, at least as much as your face, the principle is that you can easily see the whole face. Too large makeup mirror is not necessary, compared to space, the real use of the area is actually not so much. If you like the feeling of a big mirror, you don't want to be occupied by a mirror, you can consider choosing a folding style.