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Choice Of Bathroom Mirror
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The water vapor that comes out of the bath in the bathroom always makes the mirror a mist, which loses its effect. Therefore, the quality of bathroom mirrors are generally waterproof and other functions, and light refraction is strong.

1. Anti-Fog

According to the principle of fog, the bathroom mirror can be divided into coating mist-proof mirror and electric mist-proof mirror.

The coating mist-proof mirror is a safe but expensive coating that prevents the formation of fog layers.

Electric Mist-proof mirror is heated by electric wire or electrothermal film to achieve the effect of preventing fog. Electric fog is more original, since the major, to power, mirror the opposite side to leave space, but cheaper.

2. Waterproof

Choose the bath mirror not only to select the fog-proof bath mirror, but also pay special attention to the waterproof of the bath mirror. The general waterproof bath mirror is coated with special waterproof material on the back, in the bathroom installation of this kind of Bath mirror will effectively avoid the cracks in the back of the bath mirror in the long mold, cracks, or even the whole phenomenon of the mirror fall off (the shower mirror is bound to cause a large safety hazard, should be treated with caution). and the quality of the electric mist mirror should be set to prevent fog, waterproof mirror, safety mirror in one, even if immersed in water, there is no leakage phenomenon. Homeowners in the purchase, must pay attention to its waterproof safety, it is best to make a first before the purchase of waterproof, not only to figure out cheap or good-looking, and wrong to buy a poor quality, unsafe bathroom mirror.

3. Antirust