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Bathroom Style Upgrade, Mirror Credit Is Indispensable
- Aug 16, 2017 -

The bathroom is small, but you may spend a thousands of bucks to buy a toilet lid, which may be the wall tiles, the color of the tiles, the kind of choice. Have you ever cared about the mirror that you have to shine every day? In addition to using it to flatter yourself, you may not know-as long as the use of good, the mirror can finish the other, become the absolute protagonist in the bathroom. The following are several combinations:

1, the bronze mirror and the same color hardware perfect collocation

2, Lotus Lotus leaf border mirror, with the lion head door buckle towel ring, unique Chinese charm

3, with branches and stones with white wood wall, to create a natural rural atmosphere

4, the high cold cloud pattern marble mesa with the rectangular mirror, can hold live in the bathroom air field

5, mirror Occlusion window can increase privacy, while ensuring that light can still enter the bathroom

6, with retro tiles bottom, European-style elliptical mirror becomes the focus of vision

7, do the old oval mirror, with hardware, white wood wall, to create a rustic warm country wind

8, with a small light bulb to decorate the mirror, very theatrical sense