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Bathroom Mirror Installation
- Jun 07, 2017 -

About the fog-proof bathroom mirror, the general use of chemical spray coating, the effect of aging restrictions. Mirror Mist and car glass to fog, the need for wind blowing, the real mist behind the heating device, so that the mirror heat can evaporate water vapor. If it is a normal mirror, the use of hard soap dipped in the mirror surface, and then wiped with a dry cloth, forming a layer of protective film, can also play a temporary role in fog.

If you want to shine beautifully, you must have good lighting to match, the Mirror front light or the mirror side of the lamp is very necessary.

installation, you can use the expansion bolts, the time to pay attention to the variety of ceramic tiles, if the whole porcelain to make water drilling, 1.1 dozen, otherwise, very easy to crack. If the use of glass glue fixed, do not use acidic glass gum, should choose neutral glue, acidic glass gel will usually and mirror back of the material reaction, resulting in a mottled mirror. Before applying glue, it is best to do a phase-solubility test to see if the glue is dissolved with the material.

In the bathroom in general is standing in the mirror, bathroom mirror should be at least 135 centimeters from the ground, if the family members between the height gap is larger, you can adjust up and down. Try to make the face in the middle of the mirror, so that the imaging effect is better. It is best to choose a borderless style, because the bathroom is often in a damp state, wood, leather and other border materials used for a long time to change easily.