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Bathroom Cabinets Moisture Problem Is Tricky: Wall Cabinets And Floor Cabinets Who More Moisture?
- Oct 11, 2017 -

First, installation method: Floor cabinets and wall cabinets which is more moisture-proof?

The floor cabinet means that the bottom of the cabinet is close to the ground, while the wall-hanging cabinet is the cabinet hanging on the wall. In terms of moisture-proof effect, wall-mounted cabinets are obviously better moisture-proof, wall-mounted cabinets do not touch the ground, bathroom floor water, damp and other moisture will not spread from the bottom of the cabinet up, and wall-mounted cabinets, clean and clean more convenient. But the wall-mounted cabinets are not to pretend to be able to install, but also to see the way the bathroom is lined or wall row! And the floor cabinet of moisture-proof performance is slightly worse, generally speaking, did not do wet and dry separation of the bathroom, using the bottom of the bathroom cabinets for the plate, not five years, the cabinet will be caused by damp and strange cracking! Although many bathroom cabinets are four-footed, they are still subject to water vapor erosion.

Second, the way of launching: The row or the wall row good?

The so-called Platoon, refers to the toilet drainage pipe from the floor through, into the total drainage discharge way. The wall row is refers to, the drainage pipe in the same floor horizontal laying, finally concentrated to the next water pipe discharge way. In comparison, the ground row is more suitable for the installation of the Ark, because the way, the water pipe will be exposed to a section, use of the cabinet, can be used to block, and wall row is the hanging cabinet and the Ark can be installed!

Third, cabinet material: bathroom cabinets What material more moisture-proof?

Common bathroom cabinet material has solid wood, ceramic, PVC, mixed materials and so on, very many, which kind of material the most moisture-proof? In general, PVC bathroom cabinets have a relatively good waterproof and moistureproof performance, not easy to deformation, but also has a lightweight texture, scratch-resistant, cheap and other advantages! If you want to choose wooden bathroom cabinets, then, oak is a better choice, oak material hard, high density, not easy to damp swelling, after the later waterproof and moisture treatment, waterproof Further, can also be made into a bathroom cabinet! In addition, bathroom cabinets hardware best choice waterproof performance better stainless steel material!

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