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What kind of bathroom mirror
- Dec 15, 2016 -

If from its shape, it has rectangular, square, oval, egg circle shape, if its shape is a separate whole, then our common style has the mirror edge grinding edge, the mirror engraving and so on. If from its appearance, can be divided into large bath mirror, Taiwan mirror, embedded bath mirror three kinds. Next, let's take a look at the three kinds of mirrors.

1. Large Bath mirror. This mirror is used more popular, but there is a certain demand for bathroom space.

2. Mirror (cosmetic mirror). The mirror is compact and can be used as a vanity mirror, which can be placed directly on the washing table or placed on the wall by a horizontal telescopic bracket.

3. Embedded Bath Mirror. This kind of mirror refers to our construction in the process of please carpentry in the bathroom space to make the embedded small closet, and then in the door glued to the mirror has been cut good. This mirror is more space-saving, and also convenient to use, even if we close the door can be used as a wall bath mirror, open the door can be placed inside the daily medicine, toiletries, cosmetics and other small items.