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The production process of the bathroom cabinet
- Oct 03, 2017 -

1. Pick:

With the naked eye to observe the color of the wood, the age of the tree, according to the number of the production of the bathroom cabinets, the selection of suitable materials for different parts of the use, the general appearance of neat, beautiful and consistent color to make the surface part of the cabinet body, Some defects and nodes should be treated with special process (such as the part of the node to be filled with the use of professional filler material can be used for the production of bathroom cabinets) and the back of the cabinet body or other not obvious parts; if it is found that there is deterioration, deformation or moth-eaten condition to discard the need to ensure the quality of the bathroom cabinets consistency.

2, Cut:

According to the Professional production work book (customized products according to the special Drawing), according to the specific touch, the different parts of the required material to open the material into different sizes.

3, Grinding:

The process will be repeated in the course of production by polishing the timber and removing the burr and the residual bark and scratches on the surface.

4, Drilling:

The use of professional precision bench drill and other professional tools on the timber pre-drilling structure installation hole, the secondary process through professional design, to ensure that the installation of the bathroom cabinet surface can not see any installation holes.

5, spell;

Imports of raw materials are generally 1000*60*20mm around the wood, to make bathroom cabinets side panels, door panels, floors and so on must be a "spell" of the process, the puzzle is a more exquisite process and production accuracy of the process, first will be selected and polished after the size of the same wood together to prevent the specific mold, In need of splicing the part of the glue board, and then with professional fixture from around and up and down at the same time pressure and fixed, to maintain more than 24 hours of the party can; at the same time in the process of a larger surface such as the floor will have professional engineers according to the force area and expansion shrinkage coefficient to Prevent in the future use of the cabinet body deformation (principle: the seam of the railroad tracks and cement pavement on the groove).

6, Throw:

After finishing the Cabinet board with professional polishing machine for many times polishing, polishing machine has a plane polishing machine, special-shaped polishing machine, spherical polishing machine, irregular polishing machine and manual polishing machine are used to treat different shapes of wood, polishing machine in the same time have a special classification of the first toss and fine throw, the use of polishing wheel/With the difference between the weight and material, the effect:

A to remove the benefit of the puzzle glue;

B removal of fine small spines on the surface of wood;

C polishing at the same time to detect the surface of the board is straight;

D The wood grain is polished to make the wood texture more stereo;

E easy to paint and so on.

7, the CD:

After a few steps in front of the plank has been embryonic, but to become a bathroom cabinet components also need to be "cut" the process, the process requires a very high precision, bathroom cabinets each component of the error is less than the number of millimeters in the unit to calculate, so the requirements of the part after the puzzle again to measure, To cut out the parts that don't fit the needs, in order to meet the requirements of the installation after the paint, and sometimes require that all parts on-site testing assembly to test will not produce errors; (the size of the bathroom cabinet is determined by the designers and experts after trial and error, to ensure that the appearance of proportional and practical functions have reached a higher level, Once the style is determined, it will not change easily.

8, Paint:

Using professional polyester paint to ensure that the use of the requirements of insect-proof, waterproof; Unique and generous color is in the market to maintain a high grade of the key. Which is divided into primer and topcoat, the total need to carry out four times, the role of the primer is airtight wood pores, fixed color, removal of small wood thorn, topcoat, to be dry before the paint can be painted, topcoat final performance cabinets color, but also to waterproof and pest control treatment. Paint takes a long time, in order to the immediate quality, can not simplify the process of painting to shorten the production time, so a set of bathroom cabinets paint process is more than 3 days. The Paint shop has a strict operation process, especially the topcoat workshop, because the good surface paint drying will be assembled, so the workshop can not have dust, all the workers must wear masks.

9, installed:

The paint drying of the various components in the professional installation stage assembly, and in the inspection cabinet whether there is a size, installation, paint problems, after the assembly after the end of wrapping with plastic wrap and packing in cartons with large size wooden box fixed.

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