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Maintenance of the bathroom cabinet
- Mar 24, 2016 -

Maintenance Common Sense

1, bathroom cabinets in the handling, should be light lifting, not hard to procrastinate, when placed, the ground uneven, should be the leg mat solid;

2, do not put in the sun exposure of the bathroom cabinets, also do not put too much in the dry place, put in suitable ventilation;

3, bathroom cabinets have cracks, can be used to paint and paint after the embedded plugging, to maintain a long time is not bad, but the putty and pigment to the original pigment color consistent, lest leave scar;

A Burn marks: Fireworks in the bathroom cabinet left the scorch marks, if the paint surface charred, can be wrapped in a thin layer of fine-grained cloth, gently wipe the traces, and then coated with a thin layer of vinegar, scorch marks can be eliminated.

B hot mark: The bathroom cabinet with white hot marks, generally as long as with alcohol, toilet water, kerosene wet cloth wipe can.

Damp board Bathroom cabinet

Damp board Bathroom cabinet

C water stains: With a damp cloth cover in the bathroom cabinet, the electric bucket carefully pressed wet cloth, trace printing can disappear.

D abrasions: Bathroom cabinet paint surface abrasions, not to touch the lacquer wood, can be used in the same cabinet color crayon or pigment, in the cabinet of the wound daub, to cover the exposed background, and then transparent nail varnish coated with a thin layer can be.

4, often with soft cloth for bathroom cabinets to dust, to dust before, soft cloth stained with a point of spray detergent, do not wipe with dry cloth;

5, regular waxing: Every 6-12 months, with paste wax for the bathroom cabinets a layer of wax;

A watermark removal: With clean water absorbent paper on the bathroom cabinet surface of the water, with heated hot bucket pressure on the above, can also be used toothpaste smear, after the dry, waxing.

B remove white printing: With cloth stained with ash and lemon juice mixture smear, dry wax.

6, Bathroom cabinets daily cleaning: Ceramic pots Daily cleaning can use water and detergent, soap water and other cleaning;

7, bathroom cabinet ceramic basin scratches treatment: Ceramic basin surface should always keep clean, dust sand in time to clear one side of the grinding surface, when the ceramic basin surface scratches, can be painted on a little toothpaste, with soft dry cloth repeatedly wipe, in waxing, can make the bathroom cabinet surface smooth as new.

Because the bathroom cabinets in the environment, will often contact the water, the environment is relatively humid, and other uses of cabinets than bathroom cabinets need to pay more attention to maintenance, in the details to be more attention in order to make the bathroom cabinets long service life.

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