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How to match the bathroom mirror
- Aug 10, 2017 -

1, usually oval, round mirrors in Europe, the Mediterranean style is more applicable, can create a romantic atmosphere for space, while the square is more suitable for the subtle, American, Chinese and other more generous bathroom atmosphere, different border materials can create provenance or retro or modern or simple meaning.

2, if we choose from the size of color, the color of its borders and space walls and other theme colors can be the same. Its size in the 500-600mm is more appropriate, of course, except for the bathroom mirror, the thickness of the 8mm or so appropriate, but if the bath mirror is too thin will be prone to burst break. Because it can play a good decorative role, as well as a good practicality, so in collocation to more with the style of space coordination. Each match will receive fantastic results, adding a distinctive flavor to the bathroom.