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How to clean and maintain the high-grade portable folding makeup mirror?
- Oct 12, 2016 -

High-grade portable folding mirror has a variety of main materials, can be zinc alloy, iron, stainless steel, copper, wood, acrylic, tinplate, PU skin, aluminum and so on, inside the lens there are many kinds of combination, the most common is glass lenses, stainless steel lenses, acrylic lenses, mirror copper (ancient bronze mirrors, These lenses are rarely used in modern times and other composite materials.

Top-grade portable folding makeup mirror How to maintain it?

1, in the use of attention as far as possible not directly naked in the bag, preferably with a cloth bag good.

2, if you are not careful in make-up when the cosmetics splash into the mirror to form stains with the distribution of professional cleaning mirror cloth to wipe the mirror, mirror generally glass lenses, try not to use hard cloth or clothing to wipe. In addition the mirrors as fragile products, which must avoid strong collisions and sharp wipers.

3, a lot of high-grade cosmetic mirrors are mainly metal shells, most of the surface is electroplated surface, in use as far as possible not put in the water or hands have very sweaty when taken.