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How to choose a bathroom mirror
- Jul 20, 2017 -

How to choose one: Look at the appearance

Although the product appearance does not represent the product quality, but can reflect the quality. To buy a bathroom mirror, we first have to carefully observe the surface of the mirror to see if there is no bubbles, markings. The quality of the mirror can be first observed whether the appearance of fine workmanship, and in the mirror does not see bubbles, impurities, dark spots, black edges, etc., its back will not have spalling, pinhole, scratches, light, hemp points or impurities attached.

Buy method Two: see details

To buy a bathroom mirror, but also to observe its corners, require the mirror straight line does not turn. We recommend that you use a distant linear object for reference, can be seen from the front, side, and other angles, especially in the mobile line of sight, the linear object will not bend deformation. In addition, you can see whether the portrait in the Mirror has a sense of vain, and whether the eye movement will make the mirror deformation, so as to avoid the selection of low-quality mirrors.

Choose the method Three: have edge boundless which good?

As far as the mirror structure is concerned, it can be divided into two kinds: border and no border. Under normal circumstances, most consumers will choose according to their own needs and preferences. We can compare the two: if it's easy to use, easy maintenance point of view, no border natural better than the border style, the main because the bathroom space is often in a damp state, wood or leather and other border materials used for a long time will produce changes in the quality of material; Suggest that you want to buy a border mirror of the person, in the border material selection, should pay attention to its moisture quality, and pay attention to the border coating.

Purchase method Four: Must buy the mist-proof mirror?

Many people will encounter such a bath after the situation, is to find the mirror fog layer, every time need to wipe, very inconvenient, so, there is a fog-proof mirror. In contrast, the price of fog mirrors will be more expensive. But in fact, as long as the choice of mirrors do not need to spend a lot of money to buy anti-fog mirror! With the progress of technology, now High-quality Mirror itself has a basic fog and rust-proof function, but if the bathroom space is too humid, it is suggested that you can choose the city to sell the fog-proof film, you can also achieve a good mirror anti-fog function Oh!

Selection method Five: Silver mirror is superior to aluminum mirror

Silver mirror, mainly refers to the glass behind the reflective layer of silver-plated mirror, while the aluminum mirror refers to the reflective layer aluminized mirror. In comparison, the reflectivity of Silver mirror is higher than that of aluminum mirror, so consumers tend to buy better quality silver mirror, but their price is higher than aluminum mirror, and the two are not easy to distinguish from appearance. Reminder in the purchase, can pay attention to the mirror's paint surface, silver mirror of the paint is darker, aluminum mirror is relatively light, scraping the mirror part of the protective paint, the bottom color for copper color for silver mirror, silver-white is aluminum mirror.