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Classification of bathroom Cabinets
- Jun 06, 2017 -

                               Classification and characteristics of cabinet materials

1, solid wood category, refers to the use of distillation after dehydration of solid wood for the substrate, through the N-channel water treatment process from the cabinet body. The table (or basin) can be glass, ceramics, stone and man-made stone, as well as the same material as the cabinet, its characteristics are natural, unsophisticated, elegant, can fully reflect the master's home grade and identity of the distinguished, after a multi-channel waterproof process and the process of baking paint after the waterproof performance is very good, However, the biggest drawback of solid wood cabinets is that if the environment is very dry (such as air-conditioning tuyere or natural drying, such as Xinjiang and other places) is easy to dry, so the application of the relatively moist cotton cloth cleaning often wipe.

2, ceramic, refers to the direct basis of the mold burning ceramic body made of the cabinet, the table is generally ceramic. Features are easy to take care of, can fully reflect the master clean and crisp rhythm, but the ceramic is fragile items, if there is heavy impact, it is easy to damage.

3, PVC, can be based on wood sheet processing technology production cabinets, cabinets raw materials for PVC knot Skin Foam board, Mesa also similar to solid wood. Features are excellent waterproof performance, and the color gloss paint, suitable for fashion avantgarde consumer use, but the PVC board in the gravity will produce deformation, long-term can not recover, so this type of cabinet generally bear the basin body is not very large, small weight.

4, acrylic, must be based on the mold to process, the first high-temperature softening acrylic material, in accordance with the mold molding to process into a variety of style cabinets; This kind of product is also very good waterproof performance, but its nature is very crisp, prone to scratches and cracks.

5, density plate type, to the density of the substrate for the production of cabinets, and then waterproof treatment, the quality of the difference between the good and bad in its waterproof treatment process is different in order of the larger: the first material, and then do waterproof, the final production cabinet is the best. First do waterproof, then the next material, the final production cabinet of good times. Finally, waterproof is a fool. The first cut of the material six of all waterproof to do in place is good, but the size of custom-made is very difficult, and can not be cut on site damage cabinet structure, otherwise it will damage waterproof performance, shorten product life.

6, melamine plate, similar to the density plate class. But waterproof is sealed PVC edge treatment, easy to open the edge.

7, Glass basin Category: There are tempered glass and non-tempered glass, the latter does not say that the market is not allowed to have (in addition to three no products to steal the listing). This type of style most, update also the fastest, easy to eliminate. If you often wash your face with soap or facial cleanser, easy to form a layer of dirt in the basin, it is difficult to clean (to use vinegar or neutral cleaning agent, or toothpaste and other things clean), in addition, tempered glass has a self-destruct rate, if said to the factory one out of 10,000 of the situation, to consumers is absolutely.

Classification and characteristics of pelvic body

1, ceramic basin, the basin is relatively easy to clean.

2, glass basin type, easy to be washed by soap water adhesion is difficult to clean.

3, stainless steel basin type, the water sound is bigger.

4, micro-spar basin, easily scratched by hard objects! But it can be polished and restored.

Sort by arrangement

1, Suspension type: Hanging type requirements wall is the load-bearing wall or solid brick walls, this kind of bathroom ark is vacant easy to take care of toilet sanitation, basically no sanitary corner. It can also effectively prevent moisture from reaching the cupboard. Insulation walls and lightweight partitions can not be installed in such products.

2, Floor: landing cabinets and hanging the difference is not big, is not to pick the wall, but the cupboard is not good to take care of health, there is the cabinet body easy to damp.