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Bathroom Cabinets Cleaning Common sense
- Jul 21, 2017 -

1. Bathroom cabinets just bought, the handling must be careful, ceramic pots are fragile products, gently lifted, not hard to drag, put the bathroom cabinets, the ground should also be flat, if it is the floor cabinets, should be flat feet.

2. Do not put the bathroom cabinet in the sun exposure, preferably in the area can be ventilated, and can not put very dry place.

3. If you accidentally smoke in the bathroom to burn the paint surface, you can go to get a toothpick, and then wrap a layer of cloth, slowly wipe the mark, but also can get some thin vinegar, can be removed.

4. If you get some white hot marks on the bathroom cabinet, try rubbing it on the cloth with alcohol, toilet water, or kerosene.

5. If there is water stain marks, cloth wet, covered in the bathroom cabinets, you can use hot bucket press in wet cloth, stains can disappear immediately

6. If the bathroom cabinet paint surface accidentally scraped, did not hurt the cabinet body, you can use the same color crayon or pigment, in the bathroom cabinet surface coating repair, and then can be coated with nail polish.

7. You need to wipe the dust from the bathroom cabinet from time to time, and remember to spray some detergent on the cloth.

8. Also often waxing, every 6 months or so, for the bathroom cabinet waxing

9. Bathroom Cabinets Daily cleaning is very simple, ceramic pots can use water and cleaning agents, soap water and other cleaning

10. Bathroom cabinets If the ceramic basin scratches, can be coated with a number of toothpaste, and then wipe repeatedly with cloth, and then play wax, you can make the bathroom cabinet back to the original appearance.