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Anti-fogging principle of portable makeup mirror
- Sep 10, 2015 -

                               Anti-fogging function of metal silver-plated portable makeup mirror appearance, the effect of the general metal makeup mirror, no need to worry about the cold weather, breathing gas condensation mirror, blurred. There are several kinds of anti fogging principles for portable makeup mirrors, one is through the coating micro-hole to prevent the formation of fog layer, anti-fog coating is generally rich in conductive material ATO and silica, can be in the mirror and glass sealing treatment, forming a super hydrophilic anti-static antibacterial agent, with excellent anti-fouling, fog, anti-static effect. Another kind of electric heating makes the mirror humidity rise, the mist can disappear quickly, the fog layer can not be formed. And the second is mainly for larger mirrors, such as the bathroom hanging mirror, room wall mirror..