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        Setting forth in 9 years ago,Mirror light relied on its self instinct for service levels, its eye for superb looking but high performing product and his entrepreneurial spirit to make itself the market leading company it is today.

       Vincent Chan,president of Mirror Light, has been dedicated to innovative bathroom lighting. With his passion,Vincent is excited to be bringing his knowledge, expertise and most of all ,enthusiam for the bathroom industry. As indicated, Mirror Light values every business partner as dearest friend as human beings need fresh air for living support."Many people have the wrong idea of what concstitutes happiness. It is not obtained by self-gratification but through fidelity to aworthy purpose."

     Fulfillment of mutula economic benifit shall not be simply concluded as what Miror Light aims at. A stable and long-lasting relationship is what Miror Light always focus on. Together with Mirror Light ,Let's creat life of lighting.